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Radio partners begin summer shoe drives

It’s one of the busiest times of the year for us as several of our radio partners around the country are kicking off their summer shoe drives. Tune in to the following stations for more details:

July 13 – August 8
KVNE/KGLY – Tyler and Longview, Texas
Click here for shoe drive information.

July – August
The JOY FM – Sarasota, Fla. and Atlanta, Ga.
Click here for shoe drive information.

August 1-15
KSBJ – Houston, Texas
Click here for shoe drive information.

August 1-31
WMBW – Chattanooga, Tenn.
Click here for shoe drop off locations.

We are so grateful to have the support of our radio partners and their listeners. On behalf of all the orphans and vulnerable children we serve, thank you for your generosity!

Meet Elisa*!

Elisa is pictured in the center, wearing a headband.

Elisa* received a pair of new shoes during a shoe delivery trip to the Dominican Republic earlier this year. Today, we’re sharing a little bit about her to give you a glimpse into the lives of the children who receive new shoes from Buckner Shoes for Orphan Souls®. 

Elisa is 15 years old and says English is her favorite subject in school. She can recite Psalm 139 from memory. It’s her favorite psalm, she says, because “it says that God knows us.” 

She enjoys reading, playing volleyball and playing the piano. She loves to eat hamburgers with mustard, ketchup, mayonnaise, relish, cheese and bacon, and her favorite songs are “Awesome God,” Revelation Song” and “Mighty to Save.” 

Another girl living at the orphanage with Elisa was happy to receive new shoes. In her hand, she's holding a photograph that was tucked inside the shoes by the person who donated them!

Elisa is a sweet girl who cares about others. She can be found helping the younger children at the orphanage with their homework and clothes. She says that if she had superpowers, she would use them to help other people. 

She says that even though she lives in an orphanage, she’s glad, because the other girls are like her sisters. She also says that if she had never come to the orphanage, she wouldn’t have heard about God. She accepted Jesus as her Savior a few months after coming to live there. 

We hope you enjoyed getting to know a little bit about one of the thousands of children who receive new shoes through Shoes for Orphan Souls each year. When you think of and pray for children around the world who need shoes, remember Elisa and others like her. 

*Name has been changed to preserve privacy

‘Thought will be transmitted by radio’: Radio partners make waves for Buckner Shoes for Orphan Souls®

By John Hall

In 1894, Guglielmo Marconi began conducting experiments in his attic. Building much of his equipment, he found a way to ring a bell on the other side of a room by pushing a telegraphic button. The next year, he ventured outdoors, pushing the distance limits of his new technology. By the turn of the century, the man who is generally considered the inventor of the radio was well on his way to sending communiqués across the Atlantic Ocean.

He had changed the world, and he knew it. “In the new era, thought itself will be transmitted by radio,” he said in 1931.

Radio indeed has transmitted ideas around the globe. More powerfully, it’s spread hope to those who have none. In the last 15 years, Christian radio stations across the United States have offered their listeners the opportunity to give hope to vulnerable children through Buckner Shoes For Orphan Souls®.

The willingness of so many stations to partner with Shoes for Orphan Souls is humbling, said Jenny Pope, Buckner director of marketing and media relations. Those relationships have helped the program have the impact it has.

“The support of Christian radio has been the single biggest driving factor for the longevity of Shoes for Orphan Souls and its success,” she said. “Christian radio listeners are extremely faithful and loyal to their causes. It’s because they believe in our mission and continue to give year after year that we have been able to provide almost 3 million shoes to children in 76 countries around the world.”

The program was birthed as Shoes for Russian Souls out of the heart of Ron Harris, then general manager of Dallas radio station KCBI. From that point forward, radio stations across the nation have picked up the initiative, involving like-minded individuals, churches, businesses and other organizations. Read the rest of this entry

Sacred ground: Missions-minded group relives shoe trip experiences

By John Hall

Tonight, the corner of Cracker Barrel is sacred ground. And it’s not because of the heavenly biscuits.

Roughly 10 people gather around a table that nearly runs the length of one of the restaurant’s walls, exchanging hugs and handshakes before sitting at carefully chosen chairs. When they notice there’s not enough room for everyone, they pull up another table. There’s always room here.

The conversation is lively and upbeat. Their laughter wafts across the restaurant like the scent of chicken and dumplings coming out of the kitchen. Discussion dances throughout the group, covering the latest events in their lives, family, friends and work.

But the conversation always returns to one topic: The children of Oaxaca.

More than anything, it’s what binds them. They’ve all served vulnerable children there during a Buckner Shoes for Orphan Souls mission trip. Some of them have been to the area multiple times. Kneeling before impoverished children, washing their feet and fitting them with a pair of shoes changes a person, they agree.

In many ways, the experience is still changing the members of Bayside Baptist Church in Harrison, Tenn. When they talk about their various trips, the look in their eyes change. They speak in the present tense as if they’re still there. Read the rest of this entry

Hands and feet: Buckner Shoes for Orphan Souls® walking boldly into the future

By Scott Collins

For a guy who makes a living with his voice, Tim Sinclair knows feet. He’s seen just about every size and color – small ones and big ones; black, white and brown. He’s seen dirty feet and dirtier feet. He’s washed them and tickled them.

“Feet are interesting things,” Sinclair declares in his booming voice. “And what I mean is, it’s a very personal thing to touch somebody else’s foot.”

Sinclair is the morning co-host for radio station WBGL in Champaign, Ill., and for the past three years, he and his co-host, Pam Peoples, have led a Buckner Shoes for Orphan Souls mission trip to Peru for their listeners. In those three years, Sinclair has put shoes on hundreds of children’s feet.

Like anyone who has put shoes and socks on a child during the past 15 years that Buckner has operated the ministry, Sinclair’s mind goes straight to Jesus washing His disciples’ feet.

“Jesus talks about washing feet and if you’ve ever been at a church where you wash each other’s feet, it can be a little uncomfortable just because of how personal that is.” Read the rest of this entry